Spring Training Edition #2

Throughout March, former AquaSox OF Ryan Royster will be our Spring Training blogger, keeping us updated with what’s happening at the Sports Complex in Peoria, and how former AquaSox are doing. Check back weekly for his updates.

The locker room is filling up fast as the minor league pitchers and catchers reported and began their spring on Monday. The minor league position players arrive today and camp gets fully underway on Saturday. Everyone is excited to be back on the field and that sense of competition is in the air again.

                You can tell the new players right off the bat, as they wander around to find their lockers and figure out the routine.  You feel bad for them at first but we were all there once and we all have to find our way. All of us that arrived early already have our weekly routines and are settled in. Our weeks are usually planned around food specials at nearby restaurants. For example, Monday is usually Chipotle or $5 footlongs, Tuesday is 2 pieces for 99 cents at Popeye’s, Wednesday is all you can eat wings… you get the idea.

                An update on some former frogs: Tyson Gillies hit his first homerun as a Phillie, Dennis Raben is back on the field, James Jones made a pinch run appearance in the Major League club, Nick Franklin has made several big league appearances, and everyone seems to be ready to do big things in 2010.

                Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez pitched against our minor league players in a simulated game and it was exciting to get a chance to face off against two of the game’s best. Some players held their own, but they were pretty tough to hit all day.

The M’s are 4-4 so far this spring and it has been fun to watch. The weather has been strange and we even had thunder and lightning a couple times, but the sun is back out and spring is in full swing. Catch you all next week!


Ryan Royster got the chance to hang out

with Ken Griffey Jr. at M’s Spring Training

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