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Let the Madness Begin!

Basketball season hasn’t even begun yet, so it’s far too early for March Madness but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a bracket ready to pass around your office. It’s that time of year again for Minors Moniker Madness!!

If you’re thinking ‘huh??’ you’re probably not the only one. For the last few years, Minor League Baseball has decided to embrace the random fun that is MiLB and host Minors Moniker Madness – the search for the best name in Minor League Baseball.

This year two AquaSox are in the running – Forrest Snow and Hawkins Gebbers. They need your votes to advance to the second round so call your friends, email your family, make your signs, Tweet, Post… whatever you can do to help spread the word to AquaSox Nation!

You can vote at or learn a little more about both Hawkins and Forrest at Let’s go fans, help propel them in to the next round!

Thank You to our Season Ticket Holders!

We just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to all of our great Season Ticket Holders. We have some ticket holders that are brand new this year, and some that have been ticket holders since the days of the Everett Giants. New or returning, young or old, they are a huge part of what makes AquaSox Baseball great!


P1040856.JPGOn Sunday we had our Season Ticket Holder Pickup Party where our package holders picked up their tickets, enjoyed some hot dogs, chips, Klondike Bars… and got to test out the new inflatable slide (wow!)


P1040861.JPGPlus we had new gear on sale, Future Frog shirts were here – so much fun!

Thanks to everyone who came, and we are looking forward to seeing all of our fans on Sunday at FanFest (11-3 at the ballpark)!




Think You Deserve Free AquaSox Tickets? Show us!

Two months from today is Opening Day at Everett Memorial Stadium, and it seemed like the perfect time to give away a pair of season tickets for the 2010 season… so we are!


All you need to do to enter is create a short video (60 seconds or less)

showing us how you are the #1 AquaSox fan. Get your friends, family and school involved… paint a giant AquaSox ‘E’ on your car, get Felix Hernandez to give you his endorsement…whatever you think will prove to us that you deserve AquaSox season tickets.


Rules & Regulations: Must be 18 or older or have parent consent to enter. All videos must be received by May 15th, 2010 to be entered. Webbly wants YOU to show us why you are the AquaSox #1 fan! 


AquaSox April Ticket Special

Mariners Opening Day is upon us and that means it is baseball season! It may be a little longer until our Opening Day (70 days, but who’s counting?) but we are absolutely thinking baseball.

If you’ve thought about buying an AquaSox ticket package before, or even if you just live in Everett or Snohomish County and are looking for fun things to do with your family in the summer, an AquaSox ticket package is perfect. They run as low as $80 per seat for 10 games (in the Upper Box), and even a 16-game plan in our Diamond Club with in-seat hostess service is only $200! That breaks down to $12.50 a game, $3.50 off of our walk-up price of $16.

All of that is just the background for our April Ticket Special – if you buy any 10-game or 16-game plan online during the month of April, you get two (2) extra games for FREE. When we call you to confirm all your information, just let us know when you want to have your two other games and they are on the house. That means you get 18 games in the Diamond Club for $200, or 12 games in the Upper Box for $80 or anything in between!

Click here for more information on our Marquee 16 plan or Click here for our 10 Game Power Packs

Gotta love a good deal, and what better way to spend your summer than in the sun at Everett Memorial Stadium watching baseball?

Picture 112.jpg

AquaSox Host Families

When the season starts for the AquaSox, players from all over the world come to Everett – some not too far from home in Brewster, WA (Hawkins Gebbers), but others from as far away as Venezuela, the Netherlands (Kalian Sams) and South Africa (Anthony Phillips). Once in Everett, they meet their new team, new coaches, and new families.

Kim Dayley, whose family has been a host family for several years offered to write about her experience as a host mom for others who might be curious about what being a host family is all about.

If you are interested in learning more about possibly becoming a host family for the 2010 season, please contact Teresa Sarsted at 425-258-3673 or by email at



For more information on host families visit AquaSox Host Families

Watch the 2009 AquaSox players talk about their host families HERE


Host Families


We had received an invitation to the Meet the Players BBQ and was soo excited to meet our new player. Our first player was Welington Dotel, which was funny to us as we had “won” his jersey at the auction, we were super excited! After the BBQ we went and picked up his stuff and took him home…

In August we opened our arms to another player, Jharmidy DeJesus, who spoke no English, and of course we didn’t speak Spanish, but somehow we all just understood each other..ever hear of the game charades? Well, that is what it would be like! When Welington and Jharmidy got together there was never a dry eye, as we were all laughing soo hard that the tears would fall out.. There was a time where Welington wanted a haircut and he was determined that Jharmidy could do this for him. So Jharmidy started and OOPSY, he cut way too much off so he had to do it all that short and boy where they running around like clowns at each other, just like brothers!


People often ask us if we get paid to be a host family. The answer is yes. However, not enough to get rich from or quit your job or anything… For some host families they take it and use it for groceries, while others may hang on to it and give it back. For our family we would put the money towards getting their jerseys, so that they can give it to their moms in the Dominican Republic who don’t get the opportunity to see their boys play in The States.


I would not change this experience for anything, you not only get to meet some amazing boys on the team, but you have another opportunity to become part of another family. This family is unique all in its self. We all sit in the same section during games we cheer louder for each other’s boys. We even run to go and try to get each others players; home run balls for them. We are the host families, and together we are a family. Then to combine all that along with the staff, family if you will, of the Aquasox… From Brian Sloan to Katie Crawford to the people that takes our tickets. We are all a family and it is special, and it makes a nice memory for years and years to come.



hf 6.jpg




AquaSox Put the ‘E’ Back in Everett

Many would agree, the Frog is one of the most recognizable and popular logos in all of Minor League Baseball… Webbly is pretty awesome, we don’t disagree. We did decide, however, that it was time to expand the brand and give the AquaSox a new look:






And because of our great relationship with the Mariners, we decided to become the first Minor League Team to base our brand on the retro logo of our affiliate club:




And of course, it all comes back to Webbly & the fun that is Minor League Baseball. So to celebrate that, we finally have “Aqua Socks”:




Look for changes to the website, Facebook & Twitter pages to come as we integrate our awesome new logos… visit us at for all the new gear as well. Go Frogs!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Happy April Fool’s Day all you Frog fans. Minor league baseball is know for fun and goofy antics, and two years ago today the AquaSox decided to get in on the April Fools fun. We sent out a press release, announcing that we had traded Webbly to the Tri-City Dust Devils for Dusty the Dust Devil. Needless to say, some loyal fans were not amused… at least not until they realized it wasn’t true.


Here is the original press release:


Everett’s favorite frog to join Tri-City Dust Devils

Everett, WA – The Everett AquaSox Baseball Club has announced today that its principal mascot, Webbly, has been traded to the Tri-City Dust Devils of the Northwest League in exchange for their mascot, Dusty the Dust Devil.

During baseball’s annual Winter Meetings in December, the AquaSox re-signed the team’s other two mascots, Frank and Popfly, each to a one-year extension, to keep them both in Everett through the 2008 season.

The AquaSox felt that it was important to keep all three mascots in Everett indefinitely, especially with the 2008 season being the 25th anniversary of Minor League Baseball? in Everett, but could not come to an agreement with Webbly.

Webbly’s existing contract with the AquaSox was set to expire at the end of the 2008 season. The 12-year veteran frog made it known through his agent that he hoped to re-structure and extend his agreement in order to avoid a potential hold-out.

“Webbly has been an integral part of the success of the AquaSox and we wish him the best in Pasco,” said AquaSox General Manager Brian Sloan, “however, we must look to the future. I am confident that Dusty will be a positive addition to our staff and I believe that a Dust Devil, a Hot Dog and a Puppet can coexist on the same team and continue to entertain AquaSox fans for the next 25 years.”

Dusty first blew into the Tri-Cities in 2001 and has spent the past 7 seasons entertaining fans as the mascot for the Colorado Rockies Class A Affiliate.

Webbly, who is a cross between a Pacific Tree Frog and a Central American Red-Eyed Tree Frog, had been with the AquaSox since the 1997 season. The Northwest League season begins June 17.


Of course, we would never trade Webbly to Tri-City… a frog could never thrive is a dry environment like that. Although, Eugene just got a new mascot…. hmmmmm….