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AquaSox Host Families

When the season starts for the AquaSox, players from all over the world come to Everett – some not too far from home in Brewster, WA (Hawkins Gebbers), but others from as far away as Venezuela, the Netherlands (Kalian Sams) and South Africa (Anthony Phillips). Once in Everett, they meet their new team, new coaches, and new families.

Kim Dayley, whose family has been a host family for several years offered to write about her experience as a host mom for others who might be curious about what being a host family is all about.

If you are interested in learning more about possibly becoming a host family for the 2010 season, please contact Teresa Sarsted at 425-258-3673 or by email at teresas@aquasox.com.



For more information on host families visit AquaSox Host Families

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Host Families


We had received an invitation to the Meet the Players BBQ and was soo excited to meet our new player. Our first player was Welington Dotel, which was funny to us as we had “won” his jersey at the auction, we were super excited! After the BBQ we went and picked up his stuff and took him home…

In August we opened our arms to another player, Jharmidy DeJesus, who spoke no English, and of course we didn’t speak Spanish, but somehow we all just understood each other..ever hear of the game charades? Well, that is what it would be like! When Welington and Jharmidy got together there was never a dry eye, as we were all laughing soo hard that the tears would fall out.. There was a time where Welington wanted a haircut and he was determined that Jharmidy could do this for him. So Jharmidy started and OOPSY, he cut way too much off so he had to do it all that short and boy where they running around like clowns at each other, just like brothers!


People often ask us if we get paid to be a host family. The answer is yes. However, not enough to get rich from or quit your job or anything… For some host families they take it and use it for groceries, while others may hang on to it and give it back. For our family we would put the money towards getting their jerseys, so that they can give it to their moms in the Dominican Republic who don’t get the opportunity to see their boys play in The States.


I would not change this experience for anything, you not only get to meet some amazing boys on the team, but you have another opportunity to become part of another family. This family is unique all in its self. We all sit in the same section during games we cheer louder for each other’s boys. We even run to go and try to get each others players; home run balls for them. We are the host families, and together we are a family. Then to combine all that along with the staff, family if you will, of the Aquasox… From Brian Sloan to Katie Crawford to the people that takes our tickets. We are all a family and it is special, and it makes a nice memory for years and years to come.



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